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What is Data Mining?

Data mining is a complex computing technology that seeks to find hidden, but useful and valid relationships within huge sets of data. This technology aims at discovering relationships that are yet to be established. Data mining is also referred to as knowledge discovery, information harvesting or knowledge extraction.

In this day and age when rapid advances in technology have enabled access to massive quantities of data, data mining is crucial to making the most of this data to build systems and to make decisions based on solid proof. This is why you might need to find a company that provides data mining assignment help services.

With data mining, it is possible for business organizations to rapidly make major strategic decisions making businesses more adaptable to changes in the market as well have the much-needed competitive edge required for business success. Data mining is multi-disciplinary and requires machine learning, Artificial intelligence, database technology, as well as statistics.

Data Mining Stages

Mined Data is used in making various decisions based on the organization and the requirements at hand. However, before the final product, data needs to go through a number of stages before it can be used for any meaningful purpose. The first stage is to understand the goals of the data mining process before it can be done.

Data mining assignment process

The objectives of the process are determined to serve as a guide for the data required. Secondly, understanding the data is crucial to determining the sets of data that are needed for the process. Data is collected from its sources which may include multiple databases within the organization or various organizations and then basic data checks are done at this stage to determine this.

The next step includes preparing this data. This process entails cleaning of the data, filling missing values and smoothing noisy sections of the data. Data modeling follows the preparation stage. Mathematical models are used here to determine the existing, valid, as well as invalid patterns within the data sets.

Various modeling techniques may be used at this point based on the type of data and the pre-determined business objectives of the data mining process. After the modeling phase, data is evaluated by comparing it against the business objectives.

The process at this stage may be iterative, meaning that it may be repeated at various stages to determine if the end results confirm to the set objectives. The evaluation may also lead to the need to make changes to business requirements.

The last stage of data mining is the deployment stage. At this stage, the results or discoveries are sent to everyday business operations to be applied based on the objectives and identified needs. It is important that the results in the form of reports are easy to understand because the users may not have the technical ability to make meaning of technical jargon.

Data Mining Techniques Help

There are seven main techniques used in data mining processes. These include:

    • Classification: This method is used to classify data into various classes. An analysis is done to obtain relevant information regarding the data and metadata.
    • Clustering: This technique aims at finding similar data and it helps understand the differences among various data items.
    • Outer detection: This detection is used to identify and observe data that is not following the expected or identified patterns. This method is popular in programs such as fraud-detection or intrusion detection programs.
    • Association rules: The technique is used to identify hidden patterns between various data items.
    • Regression: The technique identifies and analyzes the relationship between variables. It is also crucial at determining the probability of certain items in a data set.
    • Sequential patterns: The technique helps identify patterns in sequential data sets or within a given period of time.
    • Prediction technique: This technique utilizes more than one of the mentioned techniques such as clustering, sequential patterns, and classification to help predict the future trends of particular sets of data items.

Data Mining Tools for Assignments Answers

Data mining popularly uses these two tools:

    1. R-language: This is an open-source software program that makes use of statistical computing and graphics. This software enables efficient data handling and storage using a variety of methods such as time-series analysis, graphical techniques, and classical statistical tests.
    2. Oracle data mining: This tool is part of a larger program known as the Oracle Advanced Analytics Database. This tool enables data miners to do data analysis on huge sets of data, generating detailed reports. The tool’s results also help in predicting behaviors and creating profiles for customers. They also help create business selling opportunities based on the information obtained.

Do you need help with Data Mining Software?

There are a host of software that have been created specifically for data mining processes. Examples of some of the most popular programs include R, Rapid Miner, Orange, SAS Data Mining, IBM SPSS modeler, Python, Spark, H20, and KNIME.

Most of these software programs are free, they come with tutorial, and preloaded data items and workflows. This makes these software ideals for learners, especially beginners. These data tools are specialized for various industries and may require learners to learn several of these tools before they can consider themselves competitive in the data science and mining fields.

Where to get Data Mining Assignment Solutions

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