Internet of Things (IoT)

What is Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things, or commonly denoted as IoT, is a term that was coined by Kevin Ashton in 1999. IoT is broad in every sense and is used to refer to a system of interconnected digital devices such as sensors and other smart devices and that have the capability to communicate with each other within this system. The entire system that makes up IoT is made up of networks, devices, and data.

The IoT technology seeks to ensure that the data that is provided by these interconnected devices can be gathered, systematically analyzed and create responsive action based on the results of the analysis.These devices should be connected to the Internet, private network, through which the information obtained is relayed to the required party. For instance, manufacturers in the United States have been able to take advantage of this technology by inserting sensors into concrete that relays back information to these companies regarding the condition of the materials. The companies, consequently, use this information to their benefit by making necessary adjustments or improvements to these products. These companies may also make long term business decisions based on information obtained from these interconnected devices.

Internet of Things Solutions

The Internet of Things technology is often seen as a middleman between devices connected remotely and user devices. Basically, the IoT offers a platform on which various users such as programmers are able to make use of cloud services from a remote location and, therefore, maximizing the potential of available resources as well as the power of available technology.

The IoT technology offers so many solutions to the Internet fraternity such as security solutions that are used to ensure that the devices are not exploited by hackers and that the sensitive data under transmission safely reach its intended target. Therefore, it is critical that users are aware of the security mechanism in place before they can have their devices connected to the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things Technology also offers opportunities for users to take advantage of the processing power of various devices without the need to physically access them or the financial muscle to purchase such equipment. To this end, through the power of the cloud ecosystem, the IoT allows various users to utilize the computing power of remote devices at a smaller cost and, therefore, eliminating the need to spend a fortune acquiring those devices or physically having those devices. In short, the IoT technology offers users with access to expensive resources at a fraction of the cost.

Applications of Internet of Things

IoT has applications across various industries and businesses in the real world. For instance, in the airline business, equipment tracking applications are used to increase the efficiency of tracking and maintenance of the airline equipment. Secondly, in the pharmaceutical industry, sensors are used to ensure that medical supplies temperatures remain within acceptable temperatures during delivery. Thirdly, in the manufacturing sector, IoT applications have been used in greenhouse lighting optimization processes hence ensuring optimal power consumption as well as optimal greenhouse lighting conditions.

Benefits of Internet of Things

The Internet of Things offers users, especially businesses, several benefits that they can take advantage of to aid the growth and expansion of their businesses. Some of the businesses are discussed below:

    • IoT offers businesses an opportunity to increase their business opportunities by allowing them access to new revenue sources that were not possible before this technology.
    • It offers these businesses an opportunity to cut down on the marketing costs of their products as these businesses are able to pinpoint the target group and narrow their marketing efforts accordingly.
    • IoT also allows easy tracking of assets by companies and other users alike by the use of sensors that relay real-time information back to the company.
    • Companies having access to real-time operational insight are able to cut down on their operational costs as well as reducing the downtime of the businesses.

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