Careers One Can Pursue With a Biology Degree

Biology Degree Help

A Biology degree offers a wide range of career options because of the many fields that it encompasses. There is a large number of occupations that require at least a basic knowledge of biology. Many of the opportunities for biologists are in the fields of agriculture, pharmaceuticals, forensics, research and development (R&D), food processing, environmental management, natural resource conservation, healthcare, and teaching. Some of the common career options are discussed here.

Laboratory Technician Biology Degree

The biology degree coursework involves a lot of training on laboratory techniques. One is equipped with excellent skills for use in carrying out laboratory tests. Skills such as handling of biological samples, setting up laboratory equipment, data collection, data analysis, and report writing are valuable in the fields of research and development (R&D), healthcare, agriculture, food processing, forensics, and teaching.

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

This job requires entry-level education. Therefore, an individual with an undergraduate degree in biology has many valuable abilities that can be of use. The career involves influencing the perception, purchase, and usage of a company’s pharmaceutical products. The companies look for a person with in-depth scientific knowledge that can be used to promote and sell their products. A four-year degree in biology equips an individual with a lot of knowledge that is applicable in this area.


Individuals who have been trained in biology have a lot of valuable information that can be shared with others, especially at the high school level. With an undergraduate degree, one can get teaching certification and specialize in the field of biology. With a master’s degree, one can get certification to teach at the higher education level. Since biology is a vast science, it is possible for an individual to specialize in teaching one specific area, such as microbiology, botany, cell biology, zoology, ecology, or genetics.

Conservation Scientist

The conservation of natural resources has become an area of public interest due to the increasing need to protect the environment. Natural resources are naturally occurring materials that can be used for economic gains. They include fossil fuels, land, and water. Biologists who have a deep understanding of biotic resources can provide their knowledge to government agencies and private entities, thus helping them in determining how to utilize the resources without damaging the environment.

Environmental Specialist

Environmental pollution is a challenge that is faced throughout the world. It poses a significant risk to human health. Environmental specialists are required to provide advice and guidance on environmental protection. A biology degree equips an individual with extensive knowledge of environmental matters and the skills that are essential for collecting and testing samples from the environment. The need for environmental scientists has spiked in recent years due to climate change and increased industrialization.

Biology Researchers

Researchers play a vital role in testing theories and understanding different scientific phenomena. One requires a doctorate degree to practice independent biology research or work for research institutions. Researchers are required to specialize in specific areas of biology because it is a very broad science. One can specialize in any of the branches of biology including anatomy, microbiology, genetics, botany, zoology, entomology, biochemistry and ecology. Biology researchers find solutions to the problems encountered in their specific areas of specialization.

Biology is a very broad science and similarly, the career opportunities are vast. Choosing the right career with a biology degree can be challenging due to the many possibilities available. Pursuing a career in this area can be made easier by getting biology assignment help and career guidance from dedicated experts. It is important to identify the right area of specialization for you depending on your skills and qualities.