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Marine biology is a branch of biology that involves studying the life that exists in the sea. Similar to the existence of living things on land, there are many different forms of life that can be found in the sea. These living organisms, such as whales, sharks and dolphins, are adapted to the marine environment by having features, such as gills and fins. Seas cover over 70% of the earth’s surface and therefore there is a lot of habitable space in the marine environment. Humans have been exploring these seas to learn about the life forms that can be found in these vast environments. So far, only about 230,000 marine species have been identified and documented, while over two million species are yet to be documented.

Why study Marine Biology?

The oceans are very beneficial to human beings and the planet in general. For example, being the vastest environments, they provide most of the oxygen that is used by the living organisms on earth, thus supporting life. Oceans also control the climate and shape of the earth. The modern-day human civilization has also been enabled by oceans through different sectors such as transport and tourism. Despite their great importance, there is still a lot that is not known about the oceans and therefore this field is very important.

Marine biologists

The scientists who study life in the sea are known as marine biologists. They carry out studies on the marine organisms and the conditions that enable their survival. Studying marine biology is very beneficial to the planet as it provides us with a deeper understanding of the earth and the life within it. The ocean is very vast as it covers more than half of the planet and therefore, understanding it helps us understand our world. The oceans have the potential to affect vital areas of the world, such as climate change, human health, and biodiversity. A marine biologist’s normal routine basically involves studying the different marine life forms and their natural habitats.

The relationship this field of Biology and other fields of study

The field of marine biology is related to other areas of study, such as oceanography, ecology, ocean biology, microbiology, ichthyology, and zoology. The relationship between oceanography and this field is very deep and these two are often indistinguishable. Oceanography is, however, broader than marine biology as it involves studying all the aspects of seas, including the geological, physical, biological, and chemical properties. This field and oceanography borrow from each other in many ways leading to a better understanding of the oceans. The other areas of study that relate to marine biology can also occur as standalone subjects or as units in different courses.

Topics in Marine Biology 

One can become a marine scientist by taking a bachelor’s degree with a marine major. The basic topics studied are the general biology units including ecology, cell biology, microbiology and zoology. These fields provide the foundation for use in carrying out studies on marine life. The other important areas of study in scientific research, such as mathematics, statistics, physics, and chemistry, must also be studied. A student can also choose to study general biology at the undergraduate level and specialize in marine at the graduate level. This enables the learner to have a wide breadth of knowledge in biology, thus having a deeper foundation for use in research on marine life.

The advancement of technology has enabled the exploration of the oceans by using trawls, fiber optics, satellites, computers, sonar, and many other tools. This has made it easier for marine scientists to carry out research in the ocean leading to the discovery of new species and habitats. Most of the ocean has not been studied and therefore, one can make a great impact by studying this field. Deep knowledge of biology is needed to carry out marine studies. In case of any difficulty with marine biology classes, one can seek biology homework assistance to improve their grades.