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Image Processing Assignment Help

What is a Digital Image?

An image is generally defined as a two-dimensional function, F. F has both x and y values that are spatial coordinates. The intensity of an image at any particular point of an image is determined by the amplitude of F at that point. For a digital image, the values of x, y, as well as the amplitude values are finite.

A digital image is composed of a finite number of elements all of which have various values at particular points of the image. The common terminology used to refer to digital image elements is a pixel. There are four common classifications of images. These include Binary image, 8-bit image, 16-bit image, and Black & white images. The types of digital images are expected to increase with advances in the signals and systems technology.

Digital Image Processing

Digital image processing is an increasingly popular topic both in computer science and in the engineering fields of science. It entails the use of computer algorithms to manipulate an image.

The process begins with an image, the processing may entail enhancing the image, modifying the image, or extracting particular properties off the image. Therefore, the input for digital image processing is an image and the output may be either a modified image or particular features from the image.

The digital image process, typically, involves three steps:

    • The Importation of an image via the use of various image acquisition tools.
    • The analysis of the imported image.
    • Outputting of the results of the process and this may be a report or a modified image.

Digital image processing is a sub-field of signals and systems. To understand the concepts clearly, it is important, though not mandatory, to have basic knowledge in signals and systems.

Image Processing Applications

The image processing technology is applied in many fields. Some of these applications include:

    • Computer vision: An automated watchdog system with applications in automated vehicles, medical image analysis, manufacturing industry robots, among others.
    • Digital video processing: applied through signal processing and applied in such items as VCRs, video codecs, DVDs, and other video-playing systems.
    • Face detection: used in systems that detect facial facials for recognition purposes with the frontal human faces being the focus of these systems.
    • Remote sensing: used in systems such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
    • Biometric verification
    • Signature recognition
    • Medical palmistry

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