What is Computer Science?

Computer science is a science that delicately balances between theoretical and practical knowledge. It is unique in that it requires learners in this field to be adept at both abstract as well as concrete reasoning.

In modern times, computer science is turning out to be among the most influential fields of science given the impact and the role is playing in people’s lives. However, as mentioned above computer science has both theoretical and practical sides. Many people, including people who are not learners of this science interact with computers and other kinds of computing devices.

The growth of the smartphone industry is the best illustration in point of how people are interacting with computers even though they may or may not have the theoretical knowledge of how these devices work.

Computer science is a unique science in that its applicability spans across many aspects of human lives. The science is proving critical even as far as other sciences are involved. Computers have literally taken over human lives considering the amount of work and the kinds of interactions that humans continue to have with them.

What is scary is the dependence on computers that humans are slowly but surely acquiring. It is not far-fetched to think that computers will take over every aspect of human lives in the future projecting by the kind of influence they already have.

One aspect that makes computers so useful in life is the fact that they can be taught to do things that humans do more efficiently. While humans can be prone to distractions and fatigue that can lead to inaccuracies and errors, computers do not have such limitations and are, therefore, ideal replacements in some aspects of human lives where errors and inaccuracies can prove to be catastrophic.

History of computer science

In order to fully understand and appreciate how far computer science has grown as a science, it is crucial that historical moments and developments that have systematically led to the present advancements be mentioned in this article.

The computer science field is primarily concerned with data and the manipulation of data in ways that are applicable in various ways. In this regard, the earliest and founding knowledge of computers was borne from the need to automate calculations, especially huge calculations that would take the human mind years to perform.

The earliest founders of computer science such as Charles Babbage contributed towards this science by creating machines such as mechanical calculators that could aid the human cause towards modernization.
The field of programming, which in essence, is the core of computer science has also grown over the years. Computer science is based on the programming of computing devices in ways that they can perform functions following a given set of rules.

These rules are fed into the computer through the process that is popularly referred to as programming. In this regard, various programming languages have been developed over the years that provide guidelines to computer scientists on ways to accurately program computing devices to perform various functions.

As technology grows so has the field of computer science. As more inventions such as graphics cards continue to be invented, some theoretical aspects of computer science can now be implemented to aid in the evolution of computers and their capabilities.

The Contributions of other Fields of Science to Computer Science

Computer science as a field relies on various other sciences in order to advance. Therefore, to fully understand computer science, it is crucial to understand how it interrelates with other sciences and how these sciences have contributed and continue to contribute towards its growth. These sciences include:


Computer science originally started within mathematics science as can be seen in the history above whereby the founding fathers sought to create mechanical computing solutions to mathematical problems.

Mathematical logic was used to create the earliest forms of computers and even up to this date, the basic means of representing data in a computer is done in numbers 1’s and 0’s.

It is also important to note that computers have also helped in the advancement of the field of mathematics as computers have been able to help solve mathematical problems.


Engineering is the second field that is also absolutely critical to the field of computer science. All physical aspects of computers are created via engineering knowledge. Advancements in the fields of engineering have a direct impact in the advancements in the fields of computer science.

While computer science has both the theoretical and practical fields, the theoretical field cannot be implemented without equal advancements in the physical aspects of computers. Engineering, to this end, is critical in the computer science field and these two fields can never be separated.

For instance, the advancements in the creation of chips and graphics cards are enabling the evolution of computer to perform better and faster. While the engineering field continues to grow, computer science seems to directly befit from this growth.

It is clear that computer science is a critical science in the modern world with continually growing importance in various aspects of human life. The science has evolved over time since the beginning of the 20th century and it continues to grow as humans find new ways to benefit from computing capabilities.

It is also clear that other disciplines are crucial to the field of computer science and among the main disciplines that computer science relies on include Engineering and Mathematics.

Learners Needing Computer Science Help

Computer Science field is a difficult science that often requires students to focus throughout their studies in order to obtain good grades and acquire the practical skills to make a living after their studies are over.

To this end, it is okay and encouraged for students to find the right resources as well as the right expert computer science help that will guide them in acquiring the needed practical skills to prevail in this demanding field.