When you order for a paper to be written from scratch, we want it to meet your expectations. If this is not met by a writer, we have a guarantee program to help you get what you paid for.

While we always make sure that we are working with the best writers with exceptional academic qualification and lengthy experience in the writing industry, there are times the writers might be incorrect or make mistakes. Our warranty program covers scenarios where:

  • You find mistakes in the work done (grammatical, formatting, etc)
  • Initial instructions were not followed
  • The paper given is incomplete


In the event of one of these, the following will happen

  • Send a message to us clarifying the situation
  • We will contact the affected writer and inform them of the corrections they need to make on the paper
  • The paper will be reviewed by our professional editors to ensure that it meets your expectations
  • The revised paper will be delivered to you


Our main concern is to ensure that you are satisfied with the paper that you paid for and we will go an extra mile with our writers just to ensure that.