Plagiarism on Essays, Projects, Research Papers and Assignments

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism refers to the unlawful imitation of one’s thoughts either consciously or unconsciously without the authority or proper crediting of the original author.

Why is it necessary to have original content in your essay?

One importance of having original content in an essay is that it gives the instructor confidence that the research paper presented to them is properly researched and a clear indication that the concepts taught in class have been understood.

How plagiarism can be avoided while writing academic projects and assignments?

When writing projects and assignments, it is of utmost importance to understand what plagiarism is. One also needs to be familiar with the topic of study.

It is therefore important to go through several sources in order to grasp more information on the topic at hand. While writing a paper, such as a term paper, one should reference his sources and quotes to ensure that credit is given to the original author.

In addition, it is important to read and understand some basics on copyright. It is also important to understand instances that do not require citation such as folklore, well known historical events and common sense observations.

What is Referencing and why do we need to do referencing?

Referencing refers to the act of mentioning someone both in speech and in writing. It is important to reference as it enables one to acknowledge that some parts of his work are based on the efforts of another person.

Referencing also reduces plagiarism instances in one’s work. It also enables the readers of one’s work to find the sources that one is citing. Good referencing is also key to better grades in class.

Why do we need a reference list at the end of the paper?

Reference list at the end of a paper gives complete details of the citations included in the paper. It also indicates the links, if any, related to the sources indicated in the reference list. The date of the publication is also indicated to enable the reader assess the credibility of the source provided in one’s work.

What is the difference between bibliography and reference list?

Reference list refers to the list of sources that one actually referred to while undertaking his or her assignment while bibliography refers to all those sources that one looked at while undertaking the assignment. Some of these sources looked at might not have been referred to while undertaking the assignment.

When do we use the term bibliography or references while providing sources used?

Bibliography is used while providing sources for MLA, Oxford, Chicago, Turabian and Vancouver referencing styles. In the case of references, it used to provide sources for APA and Harvard referencing styles.

What is difference between essay and a report format?

Reports refer to analysis and presentations of results, especially from a research in practice. Usually, they start with the aim of the study and hypothesis. Depending on the purpose, a report can also have recommendations. In case you need a report writing helper do not hesitate to contact us at Top Paper Archives to assist you.

On the other hand, an essay starts with a question and goes ahead to answer the question based on research conducted on the existing theories. Content wise, essays can be discursive, descriptive or evaluative while reports describe the sequential events in experiments and fixed results.