Accounting Topics – Research Topics in Accounting and Finance

The 10 important accounting topics listed below will help a student studying accounting to know what to expect. Accounting is an extremely diverse, detailed and complex area of professional expertise, hence it has numerous topics and subtopics. The 10 accounting topics identified in this article cut across the entire subject area. They are meant to broaden an individual’s conceptual perception of what the subject entails superficially and in details. The highlighted topics are just a tip in the iceberg, but fundamentally important while considering accounting studies.

1. Auditing as an Accounting Topic

Under this accounting topic, an accountant is taught on records and reports examination techniques and approaches. An organization’s audits are always undertaken both internally and external by independent, and impartial bodies. Apart from auditing techniques, the topic also exposes professionals to aspects such as audit objectives, standards, standardization of procedures, and origins of audits among many other attributes.

2. Budgeting & Budgetary Control

Through this topic an accountant learns about costs and the measures that can be employed to control them including budget making. A budget as a management instrument aids in business activity planning, programming and control. Budget making requires intense and extensive accounting knowledge and expertise because it involves both quantitative and financial elements. Important business operations, including production, sales planning and control, employ the budgetary control mechanisms.

3. Cost Accounting

The art and science with which organization management is assisted in making prudent decisions regarding cost recording, classification, summarizing and analysis are mastered through the topic called Cost Accounting. As a result, organizations find it easy to effectively and efficiently control, compute and reduce costs. However, complex cost accounting computations can be managed through accounting assignment help since it makes learning simple and easier to navigate around.

4. Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting as a topic in Accounting defines a system that records, classifies and summarizes an organization’s financial transactions. The topic covers various accounting aspects ranging from sales, tax payments, purchases and assets among many others, hence it is considered an extremely expansive term. The Financial Accounting process starts with financial transactions identification and finalizes with their analysis and interpretation making the procedure extremely rigorous.

5. Financial Ratios

Financial Ratios are important in the decision-making process of any organization. Aspects such as profitability, efficiency in asset use, debt levels, liquidity and investments determinations are realizable by extracting financial values and/or figures from an organization’s financial statements and using the same to compute ratios needed to inform a decision-making process. As a result, gauging the performance and financial situation of an organization using knowledge from this accounting topic becomes easier.

6. Financial Statements

Organization’s financial statements include statement of financial position, income statements, cash flow statements and statements of changes in equity. This accounting topic helps in interrogating these statements, presenting formal records and reports of all the financial activities that an organization engages. This makes the financial accounting statements a very important aspect in accounting practice.

7. Management Accounting

Management Accounting integrates all the functions of financial accounting besides adding the information interpretation element to aid the management of organizations in terms of goals and objectives implementation. Additionally, individuals involved in the study of this important accounting topic are enabled to use financial reports to understand deviations that may occur from financial reports. In this regard, Management Accounting handles sup-topics such as pricing, standard costing and variance analysis, cost-volume-profit analysis, and activity-based costing among many others. Assignments relating to management accounting are highly diversified. This makes them highly competitive for students.

8. Nonprofit Accounting

This form of accounting is interesting because it relates to organizations formed to serve the greater good of society. Accounting for such organizations is quite complex and difficult, which makes understanding it trickier than expected. The knowledge from this topic is of much essence, but assignment help also comes in handy by making the process of finding solutions relating to this topic’s problems easier, faster and convenient.

9. Payroll Accounting

Payroll Accounting is a huge accounting role that incorporates a range of duties needed for the success of a business. The net income of almost all forms of organizations is often affected by the payroll and payroll taxes, hence the significance of this form of accounting.

10. Taxation Accounting

This topic in accounting focuses on the structure that guides taxation as a compliance and regulatory requirement of organizations. Taxation accounting is guided by the requirements as stipulated by the internal revenue code. The studies involving this topic are necessary since they guide accounting in consideration of the laws relating to organizational operations.

Accounting as a subject is extremely broad. At the same time, it can be both monotonous and boring. Some of its assignments can present problems of toughness and extreme complexity. The good news is that there are numerous Accounting assignment help websites. Such sites offer excellent and high quality services besides being available for you 24/7.