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Thomson Corporation
Stockholder’s Equity
December 31, 2013

Common stock (40,000 authorized, 25,000 issued and
outstanding with par value of $10 per share.)
$ 250,000.00
Excess paid in capital on common stock$ 125,000.00
Retained Earnings$ 500,000.00
Total stockholder’s equity$ 875,000.00
Stockholder’s equity

During the current year, Thomson had the following stock transactions:

  • The company authorizes the sale of 10% preferred stock, 50,000 shares at par value of
  • $50.
  • Sold 20,000 shares of preferred stock at $75 per share.
  • Purchased 5,000 shares of common stock at $20 per share for cash.
  • Declared and distributed a 2% stock dividend to common stockholders when market
  • price was $25 per share.
  • Declared and paid $90,000 in cash dividends to common and preferred stockholders.
  • Sold 2,000 shares of treasury stock at $16 per share.
  • Net loss is $134,000.


  1. Prepare the stockholder’s equity section of the balance sheet for year‐end 2013.

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