Multicultural Matrix and Analysis Worksheet

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Part 1: Matrix

Using Chapter 10 of Sociology in Modules and your own internet research, select and identify 6 different ethnic groups.

Complete the matrix below for the groups you identified.

Multicultural Matrix

Ethnic GroupWhat is a historical fact about this group that has implications in the present?What are some cultural practices and/or customs shared by this group?How is this group represented in the media?What is a current challenge faced by this group in the workplace?
1.Puerto RicanSlaves were imported from Africa to PR to help produce sugar cane and coffeeThey clap when a plane lands in Puerto RicoMinority GroupState is currently facing and economic crisis so natives are fleeing into other states in order to find work
2.WhitesFace allegations of color blind racismMajority of the holidays are Christian holidaysKnown as the “Dominant Race”Mainly accused of workplace discrimination based on the being the “superior race”
3. HispanicsProjected to be the largest group of minorities in the United States in 2060La Serenatas is a romantic Hispanic tradition in SpainMinority GroupMany Hispanics face a language barrier when it comes to working in the work place
4. GermansGermans tend always be spoken about in relation with Adolf HitlerHang lost items in treesGermans are associated with the extermination of JewsSuffered with lower wages, but was working on a wage growth preCOVID
5. African AmericansOne of the largest minorities groups in the United StatesTend to like to dance a lot based on their cultural rootsGroup is as always seen to be racially profiled againstAfrican Americans are seen as untrustworthy and are judge based on being “improper” people
6. AsiansAsian American as raised with strict parents focused on educationA significant number of Asian Americans have advanced degreesAsians are seen as being very strict in regards to marrying within the same raceMales make more money than white men
Multicultural analysis matirx

Part 2: Analysis

Write a 350- to 700-word analysis of the advantages of a multicultural society and labor force.

Include specific examples related to at least 3 of the ethnic groups you identified in Part 1.

Use the following questions to guide your writing:

  • How has U.S. society influenced each ethnic group’s mindset and identity?
  • How has each group been stereotyped? How accurate are these stereotypes?
  • How do the social concepts of prejudice, discrimination, and privilege affect multicultural groups?
  • How do the behavioral and thinking patterns in U.S. society (e.g., biases, stereotypes, discriminatory practices) affect multicultural groups, especially regarding class systems and employment?

Part 3: References

Include references formatted according to APA guidelines.

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